Top 10 Common Methods of Suicide

Suicide means to kill one’s own self. It is an interstitially act of killing. Mainly it is committed because of despair, some underlying mental disorders like, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse. Every year one million people die by suicide. The ration of suicide is higher in men then women. Here are the 10 common methods of suicide which people normally used. The purpose of posting the post is to show the stats about suicide not to show the way how to do it.

This post is showing only stats and if you have any other thing in mind please go to doctor and have a medical checkup. Again, article is just for educational purpose and for checking stats.

10. Drowning

Drowning in the deep sea or deep water makes a reason of death easily for the people who don’t know how to swim. Some people get so much dejection in life that they even feel ashamed to go to out door for commit suicide so they take a bath tub and drown their head in that so that they could not breath and die soon.

9. Electric Shocks

To take electric shock is the most common way of suicide. Normally when people fail to compete with life again and again they think about death. Some time they got electric shock and get rid from their lives instantly.

8. Exsanguination

Slit the wrists with a Sharpe edge weapon is another common way to commit suicide. Razors or knives are popular in this context. In this style of suicide a person get extreme loss of blood and his beat by losing too much blood moves extremely slow and a person dies soon.

7. Jumping

Some time people are so much dejected from their life’s that they don’t want to live anymore. When ever they see skyscrapers the idea of death come to their mind that if they will take a jump from the highest floor of a specific building they will be die easily. So the jumping from a largest and tallest building is easy and faster way of death.

6. Suffocation

Some people encase their head with a plastic bag and asphyxiate you and in this method nitrogen or helium directly inhaled is useful. It is the easiest and another common way to commit suicide.

5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

CO gives death easily. When a person is under pressure and had bad luck again and again he tries to commit suicide so that he could get rid from all problems. The inhalation of Carbon Monoxide is the cheapest way of suicide and most common also.

4. Poisoning

People use fatal poison to take death soon. Normally people use harmful and dangerous poison to take death. Cleaners, industrial fluids, diazepam, and cyanide are famous in this context. These poison damage the internal organ and a person die immediately.

3. Hanging

Hanging is another common way to call death urgently. In the situation of extra stress and hyper tension people hang themselves with a ceiling fan or a tree, they fasten their head with a loop and stand on chair they take rid from chair by a kick and hang with themselves, in this situation their neck break instantly and they embrace death.

2. Drug Overdose

Some people use drugs for death. They take over dose of some harmful medicines which are injurious to health. Normally people take overdose of sleeping pills and they commit suicide and some people take extra dose of alcohol for suicide purpose.

1. Gun Shot

Normally people use gun for suicide as its the easiest and fastest way of death. In the result of Gun Shot a person have a big loss of blood and he instantly die. Gun shot is very harmful act because a person can shot according to his own choice. He can shot on head, on neck and on heart so that he could instantly dies.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Common Methods of Suicide”

  1. idrees says:

    hi im idrees and i have big problums im 16 years old i want to kill my self . but when i thought with my self this idea is not much good way please help me i live in afghanistan im student

    • Mubashir Ayaz says:

      Idress, you are a Muslim. Why you want to kill your self as you know killing our self is not allowed and a person who will do such a thing will never go to heaven. So, the purpose of post is to show stats by which people kill their self not to provide you methods of killing. You are going in wrong way. Life is given once and its purpose is to server others and to kill our self.

  2. Mike says:

    Idress, sorry that you are suffering. Please get some help!

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